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From: Lynn Burlwood
Subject: Gay Sluts for the Weekend: Part 1We were both so ungodly horny. It was Friday afternoon, and as
instructed, neither of us had cum in the last week. During child stars porn that time, we
had also continuously worn our respective jock straps. The day before,
as told, we had shaved each other's cocks and asses. Sitting in the cafe
wearing only the jock, the thin, white shorts (through which the
jockstrap outline was totally visible) and tank tops, we looked the part
of the gay sluts we'd signed up for.After fifteen nervous minutes, Michael finally arrived and spotted his
two child pics forum sluts in the corner. He smiled, pleased, I hoped, with what he saw.We had child amateur sex some polite chit-chat, and Michael kept ordering coffee and water,
telling us to drink them. We all agreed that, after all of our emails
and plans, and after seeing each other face-to-face, we'd go back to his
place for the weekend as planned.We got into his car, where the first (albeit small) humiliation of the
weekend happened. Michael presented us with thick, black collars that,
he said, were to xxx child land be put on right then, right after we took off our tank
tops and shorts. Two seconds later, we were both sitting in the car
wearing only jockstraps and collars. The collars, he told us, would not
come off until Sunday evening.Thirty minutes later, we arrived at his house. He wasted no time
escorting us to his basement, where he shoved us down onto the concrete
floor, took out his exquisite cock, and pissed all over our willing
bodies. It was glorious: warm, pungent, and complete degrading. Still
on our knees, Michael then started face fucking me. He fucked gently at
first, but then fucked more forcefully, grinding his pubic hair into my
wet face, stuffing sexy children fotos
his cock down my throat. After a minute or two, porno children galery he
pulled and plunged right into Jon's eager mouth. Back and forth it went
until he pulled out one last time and came over both of us in gob after
gob of sticky jizz.Of course, we were not allowed to cum.Michael then ordered us to porno child picture prepare some food and bring him some beer.
Still wearing only our collars and (now piss- and cum-covered
jockstraps), we stumbled upstairs into the kitchen. Michael settled
himself at his computer and on his phone.Jon and I silently prepared Michael's dinner, both of us still amazed at
how quickly and forcefully things had happened. We were so turned on by
our porn child pictures sudden and completely humiliating sluttiness When dinner was ready, I went back downstairs looking for Michael. I
went directly into his computer room to find him. That was a mistake;
that pissed Michael off. I, as the slave slut, childfuck stories
should have had more
common sense and respect; I should have knocked or, better yet, simply
waited upstairs for him. He quickly flipped me over his knee and began
slapping my naked ass with his open hand. I was screaming out in pain
and apologies, but they didn't seem to help. After my ass was fully
reddened and I had completely learned my lesson, Michael ordered nudist pics child me back
upstairs to wait for him.I did so in silence.After a few minutes, Michael appeared at the kitchen holding two very
large black butt plugs. "These," he explained, "are for your hungry
asses. After all, you have to feed your hungry asses at the same time
you feed your hungry mouths."Having learned my lesson to obey, I quickly grabbed a butt plug as well
as the bottle of lube Michael was also holding and worked the plug into
my ass. It took a bit of patience and time, but after a while, my ass
stretched just enough to allow the massive thing to wedge itself into my
ass. My hole quickly closed over the ridge, locking the butt plug into
place. Jon took a bit longer, but also successfully crammed the plug
into his ass.Meanwhile, Michael had removed all but one chair from the table and
replaced them with what looked like bicycle seats mounted to bar stools.
"For your hungry asses," he said, "they will make sure that you feel kds chil pre all
the wonderful pleasure of those plugs in your slutty asses." After
Michael had sat down, boys children porno Jon and I slowly lowered our asses onto the bicycle
bar stools, allowing the weight photos childrens nude of our bodies to push the butt plugs in
as deeply as possible. The three of us enjoyed a good meal, with lots of
beer, at Michael's insistence.By the end of the meal, Jon and I had to piss like none other. As we
stirred more and more, Michael noticed and knew exactly what was going
on. After all, it was Michael who kept forcing the coffee, water, and
now beer down our throats. "Too much to drink?" he said, "well, the best
solution for that is another drink!"He got up, shoved me in front of Jon and ordered me to take out Jon's
cock. I quickly did so. "Drink up, slut." I willingly slid Jon's cock
into my mouth and waited for the stream to begin. "Don't spill any."
And I didn't; I just drank all of the acrid but tasty golden piss that
shot out of Jon's dick."Switch!"I got up, traded seats with Jon, and allowed him to pull out my dick,
take it in his mouth, and drink my piss."Okay, bitches. Enough of this; it's time to go out. Let's see what
we're all going to wear." We followed Michael into his bedroom, scared
and excited about the evening to come.***More to come! Please email with any responses or suggestions. Thanks
for reading.
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